HACKED For deir el zour

HaCkedBySyrian Revolution Electronic Army & ISPA TEAM

peace uppon you

today we didnt come here to destroy your site we just want to send a messege to the russian people

today your army and terrorest occupying deir el zour this forgoten state. its children are dealing with your swarms and

the terrorest bullets and bombs

they are not terrorest so your army kill thim the are not terrorest so your army srround thim untill they die because of less of food

deir el zour just trying to be free

we worn you tht deir el zour is our expinsevie jewelry if we lost it. your army and your warchip will be back to you in boxes

we gonna kill thim like dogs in syria streets

and let there blood as drink to the thursty people

we dont joke . we are not kidding

because thy are helping bashar al asad to kill the people of syria

this a video for deir el zour

i ask you and your army